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Architectural Pre-Visualization Course In Chandigarh

Architectural Pre-Visualization Course In Chandigarh

Architectural Pre-Visualization Course In Chandigarh

FrameBoxx Academy Chandigarh offers a unique course of Architectural Pre – Visualization ,named ArchiBoxx. The Architectural Pre-Visualization Course In Chandigarh empowers architects, visualizers and students of architecture with the necessary skills required to take structural design, from drawings to a full blown 3D animated presentation and stills. Architectural Pre-Visualization Course In Chandigarh course has been exclusively devised keeping in mind the latest in design pre-visualization technology and offers realistic scenarios for handling all kinds of projects.

FrameBoxx Academy Chandigarh offers the best Architectural Pre – Visualization course in Chandigarh teaching students the strategies they need to plan a building programme within a specific architecture. In this program every major module of the 3D design visualization process is covered. Every module from modeling, production to rendering is covered to help students in producing stunning photo realistic visualizations. ArchiBoxx is a one of a kind course at the best animation institute in Chandigarh giving our students the edge over others.

Architectural Pre-Visualization Course In Chandigarh -:

Frame I – Introduction To Architectural Pre – Visualization

  • Fundamental Drawing.
  • Design Principles.
  • Introduction to design principles.
  • Basic Design Skill.
  • AutoCAD (2D+3D).
  • History Of Design.
  • Visual Delineation.
  • Live Major Project.

Frame II – Using Adobe Photoshop for Digital Image Creation and Manipulation

  • Design communication.
  • Introduction to basic drafting.
  • 2D and 3D drawing technologies.
  • Production drawing and model making.
  • Basic structures.
  • Furniture Science & Construction

Frame III – Lightning & Rendering using Chaos Group V-Ray

  • Rendering Techniques.
  • Presentation Drawing.
  • Digital Imaging Skills.
  • Integrated Design Principles.
  • Organization & space principles.
  • Furniture Design

Frame IV – Essential Motion Graphics Using Adobe After Effects

  • 3 dimensional studies.
  • Environmental Graphics.
  • Commercial Designing.
  • Landscape Designing.
  • Editing & Final Presentation using adobe premiere.